HeatingCan Furnace Filters be Recycled?

January 22, 2019by dave

Do you have piles of old furnace filters taking up space in your garage because you’re not sure what to do with them? If you replace your furnace filters as often as you should, this means you go through at least four filters per year. This begs the question: Can you recycle your furnace filters?

The Short Answer: Partially

You absolutely can take the cardboard off the outside of your filter and recycle that. When it comes to the filter itself, though, you’re better off throwing it in the trash, unfortunately.

Most filters are made up of multiple materials, some of which are not recyclable, such as fiberglass. Although some of the materials within the filter itself are recyclable, it would be very difficult to separate those materials from the non-recyclable ones since the materials are all woven together. Even if you did try to separate the materials, you would be releasing the pollutants and allergens back into the air that the filter has trapped, thus defeating the purpose.

There are reusable options available, so if that is something you are interested in, talk to your local heating and cooling specialists to look at your options.

What to Do Instead

In order to keep the trapped particles confined to the filter, you should carefully bag the filter after you remove it from the furnace. Be sure to properly tie or tape the bag shut to keep the particles in the bag. Then, you can put the bag in an outdoor trashcan or dumpster.

That is a lot of material going into landfills every year, so it is understandable if you want to at least recycle the cardboard. If you decide to do so, take the cardboard off the outside very carefully to release the smallest amount of particles possible.

There’s Help Available!

If you have questions about your furnace filters or any other heating and cooling needs, Fire & Ice Pros, located in Youngwood, Pennsylvania, has professionals available around the clock, so contact them today.

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