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September 16, 2019by dave

If you live in an older home, you’ll really feel the chill during the winter months. As a home starts to age, drafty areas will form. These, combined with other HVAC issues, can make it more difficult to heat your home. Regardless of the age of your house, you’ll want to keep it as warm as possible in the winter.

An Ounce of Prevention

The best way to heat your home efficiently during the frigid winter months is to be prepared. Preparation will help prevent your heating system from having any mechanical issues. The last thing you want is to have an emergency with your HVAC system on the coldest day of the year. Here are some things you can do to ensure your heating system functions properly all winter long:

  • Clean your vents
  • Get your heater inspected by a professional
  • Replace your old filters
  • Seal your windows
  • Seal your doorways

Don’t Forget the Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, you probably love using it during the winter in lieu of your HVAC system. It provides a cozy warmth that just can’t be replaced. Just like your HVAC system, it needs to be prepared for the winter to ensure that it works properly and safely. Here are some things you can do to prepare your home’s fireplace:

  • Get dry firewood
  • Store your firewood safely
  • Clean the chimney screen
  • Call a professional chimney sweep

Exterior Concerns

The winter months are also a concern when it comes to the exterior of your home. Ensure your gutters are free of debris and moisture, which can freeze and cause cracking or splitting. You may also want to add some extra insulation in the attic to keep moist air out.

Call Fire and Ice Heating & Air in Youngwood today if you have concerns about your home being ready for the winter. We’ll be happy to provide more information on how to properly prepare your home for the cold season. Our team excels at all aspects of heating and cooling installation, repairs, and maintenance. We also handle fireplaces.

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