Air QualityThe Major Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Filter

December 17, 2019by dave

Changing your heating and cooling system’s air filter is an important maintenance task that you should do about every three months. If you don’t change the air filter on schedule, it will no longer effectively trap pollutants. It will also lead to heating and cooling problems.

Energy Bills Rise

A frequent cause behind high energy bills during the summer or winter is a dirty air filter. As less and less air is able to get through the filter, your heating and cooling system has to work harder.

Obstructed Airflow

Particle and contaminant buildup block airflow in your heating and cooling system. Without proper airflow within the system, it can’t effectively heat or cool your home. Obstructed airflow causes increased wear and tear on the appliance as well.

Inadequate Heating and Cooling

Sometimes, a clogged air filter will cause uneven heating and cooling in your home. It’s also possible for heating and cooling to be inadequate in all rooms when the air filter isn’t changed.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your air filter plays an important role in preventing harmful pollutants and irritating allergens from getting inside your home. Indoor air tends to be more polluted than outdoor air. You don’t need a clogged air filter further decreasing your home’s indoor air quality. Fire & Ice Heating and Air offers indoor air quality services as well as HVAC tune-ups in the Youngwood, PA area.

Heating System and AC Breakdowns

Your heating/cooling system is more likely to break down when the air filter isn’t changed on schedule because of the increased wear and tear. Your AC’s evaporative coils can freeze when the air filter is clogged, which can result in total failure of the appliance. Repairing the AC is much more expensive than changing the air filter monthly.

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