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July 9, 2019

Armstrong Air Products for Youngwood, PA

Smarter Air Conditioners for Smarter Cooling

Here at Fire & Ice Heating and Air, we know that you expect the highest in quality, professionalism, and honesty from us, and that’s exactly what we offer!

If you’re considering replacing an older AC unit with a newer, more efficient model, or simply looking to upgrade your current AC unit, look no further. Our selection of Armstrong Air Products is the perfect solution for cooling for any home in Youngwood, PA. Having a variety of models means we can find the perfect fit to keep you comfortable, and at a price you’ll love!

Air Conditioner Installation Company in Youngwood, PA with Fire & Ice Heating and Air

Our Lineup of Armstrong Air Products:

Why We Use Armstrong Air Products for Youngwood, PA

Armstrong Air AC Installation Services in Youngwood, PA - Fire & Ice Heating and AirFire & Ice Heating and Air is dedicated to quality, and for over two decades, that’s exactly what we’ve been delivering! This dedication is why we choose to use Armstrong Air Products for our Youngwood, PA air conditioning installations.

Armstrong air products are high-quality, dependable, and crafted with efficiency in mind. Armstrong products have always been at the forefront of creativity and functionality, and their rigorous testing and proven durability is why we’re proud to offer these models to give you maximum comfort in your home!

Benefits of Armstrong Air Conditioners:

  • MHTtm Technology for Efficiency Boosting
  • Swept-Wing Fan Blades
  • Advanced Sound Reduction
  • Quality Craftsmanship

Choosing the Right Armstrong Air Product for You

So, you’re thinking about a brand new, top of the line Armstrong air conditioner. How do you know which one is right for your home?

armstrong_R29303_pro_series_mediumFire & Ice Heating and Air is here to help! Our Energy Star Certified Armstrong Air® Pro Series 4SCU20LX comes with variable-capacity performance, meaning that it doesn’t just turn full on or off. Its energy-efficient design uses only the amount of energy necessary to reach a certain temperature, much like a dimmer switch does for a light!

If you’re after a different type of efficiency, our Armstrong Air® Pro Series 4SCU16LS offers two-stage performance, providing a balance between energy use and comfort. Our other time-tested models such as the Armstrong Air® Legacy 4SCU13LE use single-stage performance, giving you consistent comfort throughout your home. For more details about which model is right for you and your home, feel free to reach out to us so we can help you find the perfect fit!

Fire & Ice Heating and Air is proud to offer our quality lineup of Armstrong Air Products. To get started on improving the comfort in your home, give us a call today!