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April 19, 2018

Comfort Club Membership

Peace of Mind

The Comfort Club Program, provides you with regular system checks.  It’s an annual planned check-up and service.  The maintenance completed is designed to meet or exceed all manufacturer and extended warranty requirements for system maintenance and surpasses the recommendations set forth from the Department of Energy and most utility companies.  A Comfort Club agreement will keep your system running at its peak.

As a Comfort Club Member:

You’ll receive:

  • Air Conditioner Maintenance – One precision tune-up, professional cleaning and rejuvenation of your air conditioner, including a safety check.
  • Furnace Maintenance – One precision tune-up, professional cleaning of your furnace, including a safety check.

 Membership Highlights:

  • System Lifespan – your system can last up to twice as long. It’s like getting two air conditioners and two furnaces for the price of one. The annual service you receive as part of your Comfort Club membership can double the remaining life of your air conditioner and furnace.
  • Save Money and Be “Green” – Your savings on utility bills can easily pay for annual service. It’s the closest thing to a guaranteed profit investment. Plus, conserving energy is important to the planet’s health.
  • Breakdown-Prevention – Annual service maintenance reduces breakdowns. Club members receive a reduced diagnostic fee and a 20% discount on all repairs.
  • Client Rewards – As a Comfort Club member you enjoy special privileges. You will get the best offers FIRST and exclusive club member only deals

Comfort Club Benefit Summary:

* $49 Service call/Diagnostic fee: That’s 30% off right from the start
* 20% off repairs: You will receive discounts on every repair, every time (*does not include system replacements)
* No overtime charges: Extended hours of service to include, evenings and Saturdays at regular rates (**Some restrictions apply: **Extreme weather temperatures are considered overtime emergencies, overnight temperatures below 40 degrees/above 78 degrees. *for non- extreme temperature calls, regular overtime rates apply. A working unit does not constitute an emergency, such as noise/smell. Service within a 72 hour guarantee)
* Double warranty: Two year warranty on all non-wear parts and labor
* Priority service: If your equipment needs repaired, you are Scheduled before all non-comfort club members
* Peace of mind: Have your equipment checked, and cleaned annually. Know your equipment is safe, reliable, and efficient
* Nothing to remember: We’ll call you to tune-up your furnace & A/C. Nothing for you to remember, nothing for you to worry about
* MEMBER ONLY SPECIALS: You will get the best offers FIRST and exclusive club member only deals
*AVERAGE CLUB MEMBERSHIP: $16 per month for 2 units, slighter higher for Oil/Boilers

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