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July 9, 2019

The Best Mitsubishi Mini Splits in Youngwood, PA

Ductless Cooling for your Convenience

Since 1999, Fire & Ice Heating and Air has been providing quality, professional heating and cooling services to our customers.

We’re proud to include our Mitsubishi products to our offerings for Youngwood, VA! If you’re considering a different route than a traditional duct air conditioning system, or want to improve the comfort of specific living spaces in your home, Mitsubishi mini-splits are the perfect choice for you!

Best AC Company in Youngwood, PA

Our variety of high-end Mitsubishi mini-split models means that we can help you find the perfect fit to raise the bar for comfort in your home today!

Mitsubishi Mini Wall Split - Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Available at Fire & Ice Heating and Air

We Proudly Offer These Fine Mitsubishi Electric® Mini-Split Systems:

Why We Choose To Use Mitsubishi Mini Splits for Youngwood, PA

Being able to control the temperature in a specific living area is a luxury that a Mitsubishi mini-split can provide.

Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, a mini-split option means that you can increase energy efficiency by having separate units for heating and cooling from room to room, with minimal to no use of ducts. We choose to use Mitsubishi products not just because they are one of the top manufacturers of heating and cooling systems in the world, but because they also have efficiency, durability, and environmental sustainability in mind!

Why Choose a Mini Split?

  • More Efficient Heating/Cooling of Individual Living Spaces
  • Easier Installation/More Installation Placement Options
  • Customizable
  • Increase in Energy Efficiency

Mitsubishi Minisplit AC Installation in Youngwood, PA with Fire & Ice Heating and Air

Finding the Right Mistubishi Product for You!

Choosing the right mini-split option for your home should be an exciting process, and we’re here to help!

First, we have our Wall-Mounted model. This model is great for placements off of the floor, and even monitor room conditions and adjust fan speeds to ensure your comfort! Next, our Horizontal-Ducted model is wonderful because it can hidden above the ceiling or below the floor. It’s a great option for a bathroom or kitchen, and requires minimal ductwork.

The Ceiling Cassette option has one-way and four-way functionality, and has a sleek design that will allow you control the temperature of a room without reducing the aesthetics of the living space! The Ducted Air Handler is quiet and powerful, and we love to suggest replacing a furnace with this unit. Finally, our Multi-Flow option has the efficiency and speed that you want, with the multi-flow vanes offering a speedy and efficient means of heating or cooling an area.

If you have any other questions about these models, reach out to us and let us help you find the best models to fit your home!

Here at Fire & Ice Heating and Air, we choose to use Mitsubishi mini-splits for our ductless installations.
Call us today if you’re interested in upgrading the level of comfort in your living spaces!