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May 24, 2018

Pellet Stoves

Do you like the benefits of a wood/coal stove but hate the mess and space it takes up? Consider getting a pellet stove.  They burn much cleaner, less mess and no need to load them as frequently.

Some of the benefits of a pellet stove or insert:

  • Wood pellet stoves are generally small, and the bags of pellets are about the size of a mulch bag, making them easy to store.
  • Pellet stoves are also easier to operate, they only require loading pellets and igniting the flame.
  • Depending on the size, your stove may need to be loaded only one to two times in a day.
  • They are much cleaner and safer because fire is contained in a heat box inside the unit, there is a minimum of smoke, which lessens the smell in your home and prevents the outside of the unit from heating up.  Pellets create considerably less ash than firewood, giving off less creosote (the flammable byproduct of combustion that can build up and cause chimney fires).
  • Wood pellets are made from recycled materials and are heavily compressed, which reduces the moisture content.  Dry fuel creates more heat, causing the pellets to burn hotter and cleaner than their wood counterparts.
  • Environmentally friendlier – wood pellet stoves also emit fewer pollutants than traditional fireplaces.  They’re considered to be carbon neutral by many environmentalists, due to the fact that the pellets are made from trees that lived on carbon, so the two cancel each other out.
  • Cost saving – Pellets are also less expensive, and you can purchase them in small quantities as needed, versus the costs of purchasing a cord of firewood.

***The downside with a pellet stove is the stove runs on electricity.  So, if your power goes out, so does your stove.  It may be wise to purchase a back-up generator to have on hand — at another additional cost.

***However, the upside is the cost of pellets and electricity is generally less than what it would cost to run a gas heater per year, but slightly more expensive than a fireplace.

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