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Furnace broke? No problem! Fire & Ice Heating and Air has your repair or replacement solution, and we do free estimates.
We'll call you when it's time to get your furnace serviced each year. Ask about Comfort Club.
Have a furnace issue? We can fix it. We charge a fair price and take emergency calls.
No matter the type of furnace, we keep your heat functioning safely and effectively.
From natural gas to ductless mini splits, we install the system that's right for your home

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OUR SERVICESFurnace Installation

Considering a new furnace? We'll consult with you to decide on what's best for your unique home & budget.
Natural Gas Furnaces
Propane Furnaces
Oil or Kerosene Furnaces
Electric Furnaces
Heat Pumps
Ductless Mini Split Systems
Radiant Floor Heat
Comfort Club Available

Priority service, extended hours at a discount, double the warranty, and we call you to schedule. Ultimate peace of mind.

Reliable, dependable, sales & service on all makes and models

Our licensed technicians are specialists in all phases of heating systems and are constantly updated on advanced service techniques by attending ongoing training seminars.  We will provide you with top quality work!

We charge by the job, not by the hour

Fire & Ice Heating and Air offers a better solution to your heating and cooling needs.  We start by charging you a fair price for excellent service, we don’t charge you for parts you don’t need.  We use a menu pricing system so you know the price before we do the work. There are no surprises, no add-on fees – just the price we quote you up front before we make the repair.  And if we run into problems and it takes us a little longer to make the repair then we expected, you still only pay the menu price.

Our Menu Pricing is much like a menu at any restaurant.  The biggest difference is that in most cases what needs to be repaired will determine what you choose from the menu. Using menu pricing allows us to ensure you that receive not only the fairest price, but the same price as everyone else, no matter how long it takes us to do the job right!!!

Need service or a free estimate?

Need service or a free estimate?