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    FIRE & ICE  heating & air  has been in business since
    1999 serving most of the Westmoreland and Fayette
    counties and parts of Allegheny and Washington
    counties in western Pennsylvania
    We have been here to serve you, and look forward to
    being here to serve you for many years to come.

    Fire & Ice heating and air offers a better solution to
    your heating and cooling needs, we start by
    charging you a fair price for excellent service, we
    don't charge you for parts you don't need. We use
    a menu pricing system so you know the price
    before we do the work, there are no surprises, there are
    no add on fees, just the price we quote you up front
    before we make the repair, and if we run into problems
    and it takes us a little  longer to make the repair then we
    you still only pay the menu price
Our Menu Pricing is much like a menu at any  
restaurant the biggest difference is in most cases
what needs repaired will determine what you
"choose" from the menu. Using menu pricing   
allows us to insure you receive the not only the
fairest price, but the same price as everyone else,
no matter how long it takes us to do the job right!!!